April Fools!

Bold is the New Black

Designers Looking to Crayons for Fashion Inspo

By: Valerie Gonzalez

Models at the closing runway of New York Fashion Week this year. Photo credit: Paulrudnick.com

As the summer arrives, designers decided to give us an amazing trend for 2019, which is being coined as the “Bold and Bright” movement. It is a trend that is saying goodbye to our beloved black and white fashion era.

After following the runways of Milan, New York and London’s fashion week, we all wondered if it was time for a new wardrobe this upcoming season.

With all the spring inspired looks and fresh ideas to spruce up pre-owned clothing, the runways were filled with bold and bright pieces that we were all dying to get our hands on.

What’s the inspiration behind all these incredibly inspiring pieces?

Well, the answer many designers gave after their breathtaking runway looks were crayons. These items that have been in our lives for longer than we realized, helping to give the wearer a versatility that an average 5’5’’ woman would need.

Forget about pastels and watercolor designs, this year the entire portfolio of each designer was made with crayons. This gave each designer the inspiration of the familiarity of home, and to every consumer a feeling of glamourosity.

Crayons are a must-have for all designers. From now on, everyone should add a bit of uniqueness and enthusiasm to every design, so go ahead and grab some old crayons and start making your own designs! Don’t be afraid of using too much color, the idea for 2019 is to be fearless and bold with your statement.

The 21st century is a time for the exploration of a variety of artistic mediums and art expressions that give the viewers a chance to escape reality for a while.

By introducing the crayons as a new form of fashion and inspiration for 2019’s new fashion trend, we are able to experience a side of fashion that is unexpected and refreshing.

As kids, we all had our favorite crayons and used them to color over everything, even our walls. In New York’s Fashion Week this year, the idea was to bring back the boldness and fun character of your inner child.

This was done by making the sets colorful and vibrant, giving a sense of energy just by looking at all the colors. With this interesting color palette, suits are now a fun look!

What better way to introduce another form of design and versatility than by proposing new ideas that are personal and nostalgically relevant to the buyer? This is a good marketing tactic that persuades people to pick out their favorite looks.

The fashion world has always been this rigid place where its always the same patterns and colors, season after season, but this year’s fashion week did a complete turn-around, introducing bright and bold colors for any skin tone and gender.

This unique style helped to complement the variety and diversity of skin tones and body shapes around the world.

The identity and character of this era’s designers was definitely shown in every single one of New York Fashion Week’s shows in 2019. They all showed a completely different side to what we are all used to, changing the way we see the fashion world.

As we wait for the summer to arrive and the prices of runway looks to go lower, let’s bring back “Bold and Bright” 60’s, 70’s and  80’s fashion looks to enjoy.

Remember: the main idea of this year’s fashion show was to encourage consumers to use items they have around their home to give life to new fashion.

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