April Fools!

Trump Wants Congress to Pass April Fool’s Day as Official Holiday

Will Congress Vote or Veto Trump’s Bill?

By:  Roseanne Cassar

Photo Caption: Donald Trump declares April 1st National Holiday. Photo Caption: issuehawk.com

It was reported on Eyewitness News at the twelve noon segment on March 13, 2019 that President Trump wants to pass a Bill making April Fool’s Day an official holiday.

When the news hit the fan, Congress had a royal fit.  Congress fired back by asking the President how much money will this cost the government.  

Will this holiday affect the Federal workers?  Sadly to say, Trump wants the American people to pay out of their pockets if they want April Fool’s Day as a holiday.

A news briefing update aired on the news on March 14, 2019, by newscaster Mr. P.  

Mr. P reported an update on Trump’s April Fool’s Day Bill. Mr. P states:  “President Trump announces in his State Of The Union speech that in order for Congress to pass the April Fool’s Day Bill there will be some stipulations as follows.  Trump wants the American people to pay through their income taxes.”

He doesn’t care what people think or say about it.  The American people need to make a decision on how they are going to use the day.  If the American people want the day off, they must pay for it.

If the American people chose to work on April Fool’s Day as a paid work-day – sorry – no can do.  You will not get paid for working on April Fool’s Day. This Bill will go into effect immediately.

This will have a tremendous effect on all Americans.  This includes our countries large and small businesses, all of our franchises, all of our corporate companies, and all of our illegals who are living in our country.  That is the bottom line…period.

Now we Americans have to start paying for holidays?  What’s next President Trump? Are there any other bright ideas for our country?  

Coming from a man who knows absolutely nothing about how the real government works, the holiday bill doesn’t surprise me at all.

I wonder what else we the Americans will be forced to pay under Trump’s administration.  President Trump, read my lips: ‘I don’t want to pay any money whether it’s out of my pocket or through my taxes in order to make any day an official holiday.’  

This is absolutely ludicrous.  Your idea to pass this bill is completely insane.  I hope that everyone in Congress and in the three branches of legislation take turns to throw bibles at you.  

I think it would be a good idea if the speaker of the house doused you with holy water because you need it badly.  You are definitely red all over, with a long tail that tapers into an arrowhead at the end of it and you have tiny horns sticking out of your forehead.  Honestly, you are not the good guy that you claim to be.

This bill proves how much of a phony you are.  You don’t care about the American people. You don’t care about how badly you are running our country.

All you care about is you, President Trump.  You are in your own magical world of Trump. What else are you going to do to this country?  

Do you plan on breaking this country apart and selling it off piece by piece?  Does the United States remind you of building blocks? Once you build a plateau, and then have the urge of knocking it down with everyone in it.

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