Getting Into Shape at Your Local Gym

Why Going to the Gym is Important

By: Philip Sanzone

Don’t worry about judgement in a judgement-free zone. Photo Credit:

Going to a public gym is something that not many people want or are willing to do. Some people are scared about being looked at or even being judged.

Others might not want to workout at all, which of course, there is nothing wrong with that. But public gyms serve everyone and are a good resource in many ways.

Most people at the gym might have a lot of experience with coaching or staying fit. If you’re brave enough, you can ask them questions. It’s like getting free lessons!

They’ll tell you what to do and how you should do exercises.

The motivation that comes with being around hard-working people can be inspirational. All the people working out around you can encourage you to get a good workout in.

All of this is based on the experience of meeting new people at the gym, thus making this space feel safer and more homely. On top of that, when you’re doing a workout, seeing others struggle and continue to push on really brings out the courage for you to push through as well.

In addition, paying for a subscription to a place and not going is another motivator. If you don’t go, all that money invested will go to waste and that is something I’m sure not many people would want resting on their conscience.

Investing into the fitness of one’s body can be hard, but it is important to take advantage of the gym. It can lead to even more prospects than just having a healthier body, such as meeting new people who have a plethora of knowledge on fitness.

One of the many gyms on Staten Island that has a lot of nice and well informed people is Planet Fitness.

Gyms are located all over Staten Island. You don’t need to have a good or buff-looking body to feel comfortable to go to a gym.

There are people there who are knowledgeable about health and fitness, staff and gym members alike, and are always willing to help.

Additionally, these gyms hold a multitude of different equipment that you can try, giving you an endless range of workout options for you to try.

You don’t need a lot of money to exercise. You can even do everything at home by using Youtube and a yoga mat.

But understandably, not everyone has the space necessary to do the exercises correctly. So for most, having a gym with everything readily available whenever you want to just pop in is a blessing to have.

Going to the gym is nice and can be a fun for friends with guest passes. If you and your friend are bored for the day and don’t know what to do, working out isn’t a bad idea.

Even going for walks and just really doing anything besides sitting can be considered exercising. Keeping active is never a bad thing.

Even the College of Staten Island has a gym that participating students can join, so as college students you don’t even need to pay for another gym. People that work at CSI’s gym and work out there are also very knowledgeable about working out.

Working out is good for our health and there is nothing wrong with keeping fit. It can help with understanding new things that will help keep you in shape. There is so much you can do at the gym to help you burn calories and stay in shape.

There is a lot that goes into make a good gym and the people are always there to make it an even more pleasant experience.

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