International Pillow Fight Day

Let the Feathers Hit You Till You Drop

By: Valerie Gonzalez

International Pillow Fight Day 2019. Photo credit:

Our favorite sleepover event has its own holiday. Pillow fighting has been part of our weekend nights since we could remember and I’m very happy to announce that it has its own holiday.

Yes, a fight full of feathers and pain has its own holiday!

The United States has plenty of unofficial holidays such as Pancake Day, Puppy Day, Pet Day Siblings Day. These holidays are celebrated every day of the year,  and it wouldn’t even be a surprise if we even have a Balloon Day where we would all hold a balloon for a day.

After all, these unofficial holidays gives us the chance to enjoy our favorite things and even enjoy them with amazing deals that might go towards a good cause. Most of these holidays are celebrated and sponsored to help organizations or the environment.

For example, Puppy Day in NYC is one of the biggest days where you could adopt puppies from shelters at no cost! What a way to celebrate such adorable holiday!

If you’ve been feeling like all you care about is school and work and every day your favorite thing to do is to just get home as soon as possible and sleep, you need to shake things up a bit. If you’re tired of doing the same thing every day, even on the weekends and can’t wait to get away from the city to relax a little bit, I have the best solution to forget about all that stress!

Destress yourself and bring out your inner child with the biggest and most exciting pillow fight you will ever attend! It will give you at least a couple of hours to be stress-free.

The international Pillow Fight that’s celebrated in NYC in early April has become officially recognized as an international holiday. Since 2007, the Pillow Fight has taken place in cities like New York, Berlin, London, Paris, Tokyo and more than 15 cities all around the globe.

This event isn’t just for fun. All the pillows used for the fighting will be donated to shelters and be recycled.

There are stations where you can leave your pillows after the fight. Look for the Mattress Firm boxes or ask a volunteer to assist you.

No Pillow? No Problem!

Mattress Firm has you covered. They will be selling $5 pillows and for the first 100 people buying pillows, they will get an official Pillow Fight t-shirt.

And if you’re lucky, you will get a hat too!

The New York Pillow Fight takes place in the Washington Square Park every first Saturday of April, and every year it has a different theme. This year’s the theme was space ponies.

How fun is that?

Remember, there will be people swinging all over the place so be ready to get hit. This event encourages people to focus on their own safety and the safety of others, so make sure you’re hitting people only with your pillow and only people that have a pillow in their hand.

This event is family friendly so watch for the kids that are trying to play with you!

Make sure to keep an eye on these amazing unofficial holidays that will bring you a bit of joy for those hard days at school and work, there are plenty of them in the summer.


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