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Being Single Or Being In A Relationship: A Hard Decision?

Can Managing A Relationship And Focusing On Your Studies Work?

By: Roseanne Cassar

Balancing love and school can be a daunting task. Credit:

Welcome back to a brand new semester here at CSI. All students will start their journey filled with lots of adventure and hard work that will pay off in the end.  

Being involved romantically with another person while managing your studies is difficult. The idea of having to make such a decision makes students cringe with fear.

Students will claim that being single is their best choice because they could manage time better and be completely focused on what’s important. “Being Single At University vs. Being In A Relationship”  by Jess Kadel from urbanest discusses the pros and cons of single life and relationship life at a university.

“Without a boyfriend or girlfriend, the student world is pretty much your oyster and you don’t have to worry about anybody’s happiness except your own.”  

Being single and going to college is definitely a good mix. Managing time can be easier, as it is all yours to make, break, and create however you see fit.  College life fits perfectly with single life – a match made in heaven.

Kadel mentions the pros of being in a relationship while attending college: “You don’t have to deal with the stresses of dating, or wondering if your texts sound too keen.  You can slouch around in joggers making minimal effort and still get attention and intimacy.”

A positive relationship is a rare relationship. It is so hard to find nowadays. Trying to weed out the ones who would be worthwhile from the ones who are just ordinary is a challenging task. Trust is a factor that gets in the way and becomes a royal pain most of the time.

Some could agree with Kadel’s above statement. The person you want to be with and how they make you feel during your college years would have to be picture perfect.

Kadel provides similarities in her article between being single and being in a relationship. There is not much of a difference between the two. In the single life, there will always be more ups, but when you accidentally step on something sharp, then come the downs.

Kadel talks about the cons in a student’s single life. “While the single life offers you a lot of options romantically, it will come with immediate regrets when you spot your drunken conquest in one of your lectures.”  

Common side effects of the single life are random hookups and hazy one-night stands. Although you are free to pursue whoever you want, seeing this person in broad daylight can be awkward.

Your regrets start feeling like the reality of your life that slaps you silly until you get it right. Regret can become a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped in its tracks. But technically,  regrets should be a learning lesson for everyone to never repeat.

If you are in a relationship during your college years, Kadel advises to keep in mind that “long distance can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to enjoy University and meet new people.”

Most students can agree with what Kadel warns. Long distance relationships usually end in disaster, but if the couple is picture perfect for each other, then the distance that is between them will not stop them from being together.  

Distance can make the heart grow fonder.

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