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Transitioning from “Hot-Girl Summer” to “Productive Girl Semester”

The “Hot-Girl Summer” Days Are Over, School Is Now In Session!

By: Victoria Ifatusin


Artist Megan Thee Stallion drives the boat on some days, but does schoolwork on others. Credit: Instagram (@theestallion)

In the summer of 2019, female rapper Megan Thee Stallion began a widespread trend called “Hot Girl Summer.” She encouraged everyone to have a great time, “live your best life,” and not let negativity get in the way.

Other concepts like “City Girls Summer” – created by female rapping duo, City Girls, which encouraged girls to get their money whatever it takes – and “Heart Girl Summer” – created by Jhene Aiko which embraced the more home-bodied, sensitive girls – led to a definition of how people were spending their summer.  

It was a hashtag found on Twitter and Instagram under the posts of many girls – and guys – who made sure to have a good time this past season.

However, that time has ended. 

Whether or not people want to accept it, summertime is over. Rather, we’re in a new season, a new semester, and the artist knows this as she has enrolled in school. Beauty and brains, right? 

On social media, followers created variations like “Hot Girl Semester” or “Hot Nerd Semester,” but I personally like to call it “Productive Girl Semester,” or “Productive Guy Semester.” We haven’t forgotten y’all.  

For all of us in the back – including me – “Hot Girl Summer” didn’t exist. It was a summer where we needed to work to make money, do internships for experience, and take care of other priorities such as family. In a way, the summer of 2019 was actually a “Struggling Girl” summer. 

For some of us, we are entering as freshmen into a world of independence, interested in trying new things while being undecided in majors.

 Some of us are sophomores and juniors who have a sense of what we want to do and are working towards that in classes or internships. 

And many of us seniors are graduating this academic year, taking whatever classes and jobs needed to get out and get a start on life. 

Regardless of what year this is for you, this is an opportunity to be productive.  

Don’t get me wrong – you can still be hot, but “Hot Girl Semester” can be perceived as just partying, looking cute and maybe “driving the boat” while school is in session.

If you’re starting college with that mindset, you may not be able to do as well as you want. Still have fun, but be productive. 

Teen Vogue writer Bianca Nieves gives a breakdown in “Your Guide to Having a Hot Girl Semester.”

Having a planner helps you organize all of your activities. These include classes, homework, meetings, personal affairs, jobs and many others. 

But a student must remember to stick to the plan. 

For some reason, students like to sit in the back on the first day of class. As time goes on, that seat automatically becomes theirs. 

Avoid this and try to sit in the front. Let your professor know who you are by standing out rather than being in the back. 

Participating and paying attention – I cannot stress this enough – also gets you a step ahead of your classmates because you’re engaging yourself with the class and the professor’s lessons.

Also, it is attractive when a person understands the teachings and can answer a question when the rest of the class can’t.

Along with being attractive, look attractive by dressing to impress. This is the “hot” aspect of a productive semester. 

We do have days where we literally leave the bed and go to school, and sometimes, it’s acceptable. But it should be limited. 

Ball on a budget by shopping at thrift stores or when there are significant sales. Personally, I love when I hear a store going out of business because of the sales – sorry, not sorry.

Lastly, stay on top of everything you do. It feels good to cross out something that you did in your planner. In order to do that, avoid procrastination. 

Instead, “pre-crastinate,” as New York Times writer Juno DeMelo calls it in her article, “Precrastination: When the Early Bird Gets the Shaft.” Do your work ahead of time, before it’s assigned on the syllabus. 

That way, you’ll have more time to yourself and probably party like you want to.  

Now this wasn’t mentioned in Nieves’ article, but a final tip is self-care. The only way to “live your best life” is to “do you.” 

Take time out for yourself to appreciate everything you have done. Taking care of yourself can be reading a book, having a spa day, hanging out with friends, or going away for a weekend. 

Better yet, riding the boat, if you may. Motivate yourself and build up others to have a good semester by looking at quotes or sayings. 

No one can encourage and motivate you better than you

I think Megan herself was able to begin this trend because it started with herself – living her best life and focusing on herself – including her schoolwork. 

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