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What Are Some of The Male Condoms In The U.S.?

Some Of The Condoms For Males To Consider Wearing

By: Kyle Forbes

Hmm, so there is an invisible condom. Credit:

There are many condoms that I have seen at department stores like but some department stores don’t always offer every selection of condoms. If you haven’t realized yet, this article is about male condoms.  

According to my research, Trojan Enz lubricated condoms provide a silky smooth lubricant and a reservoir tip. The reservoir tip adds safety in case the penis releases semen during the sexual process. 

 Trojan ultra ribbed ecstasy lubricated condoms provide a smooth lubricant inside and out. Such a condom allows the penis to move freely and there are deep ribs within the base and at the end. 

Deep ribs are designed to increase stimulation during the sexual process. 

Trojan Her Pleasure ecstasy lubricated condoms also provide the penis comfort. Such a condom also covers the penis in ultra smooth premium lubricant inside and out. 

Trojan Pure Ecstasy lubricated condoms also covers the penis in ultra smooth lubricated condoms and comfort. 

 The difference between the Trojan Her Pleasure condom and the Trojan Pure Ecstasy condom is that the Trojan Her Pleasure condom is textured. A textured condom increases sensation while adding to the condoms design of ridges, grooves and bumps. 

The Trojan Bareskin Lubricated Condoms is made 50% thinner than the Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Condoms. The same condom provides the lubricant and special reservoir end.  

Both the special reservoir end and the special reservoir tip provide extra safety for the release of semen during sexual contact. The reservoir tip has more space than the reservoir end of a condom. 

The Trojan Studded Bareskin provides the elevated studs in the design of condom. The elevated studs can increase the pleasure during the sexual experience. Such a condom provides the smooth lubricant and reservoir end. 

It seems as though all of the condoms are designed with only silky smooth lubricant, deep ribs, elevated studs, and/or special reservoir tips/ends. But there are other kinds of condoms such as the Trojan Supra Bareskin lubricated condoms. 

Such condoms provide non-latex medical-grade, polyurethane, body heat, and are super thin and strong.  

Plastic made material such as polyurethane helps lessen the chances of transmitting a sexual disease. Polyurethane is also FDA approved, according to  

The supra condom is not made with natural rubber latex. 

Then there is the Trojan Thintensity lubricated condoms that provide ultra smooth lubricant. This condom gives off a comfortable fit where it’s a bit longer and a bit larger with a closed end. 

Next is the Magnum condom that is larger than the regular latex condoms. The Magnum XL is 30% larger than the regular condom and is larger than the basic Magnum condom. 

The Durex Invisible Ultra Thin Ultra Sensitive latex condoms provides the penis an extra sense of comfort. And of course, the condom is invisible which is designed to easily put on and feel comfortable. 

There is also the Durex RED Condom Extra Sensitive 42 Count condom. Such a condom provides the penis extra sensitive support and extra lubrication.  

Like the Durex Invisible Ultra Thin Ultra Sensitive condom, the Durex RED condom is comfortable and provides the extra safety reservoir tip. 

The 576 Sensations condom is textured with 576 pleasure studs. There are close to 600-unique pleasure stimulating condoms.  

Such a condom is straight-walled shape and provides the penis a premium silicone lubricant. The silicone lubricant lessens the chances of the condom breaking. 

Like I mentioned briefly earlier, there are different kinds of condoms out there in the rest of the department stores but some department stores don’t hold every designed condom. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the many pleasure stimulating experiences, right? 



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