CUNY College VP Interviews For Campus Planning Job at CSI

Candidate Offers Insight and Vision for CSI’s Facilities and Operations

By: Isaiah J. Walton

Construction Workers begin steps towards a Multipurpose Track & Field facility for an NCAA Men’s and Women’s Track & Field. Credit: Isaiah J. Walton

Michael Rogovin attended a town hall to promote his candidacy for VP of Campus Planning, Facilities Management, and Operations. He plans to revamp CSI’s approaches to facilities and infrastructure. 

The Office of the VP ensures resources are split between managing ongoing projects on campus and ensuring everyday operations run smoothly. Rogovin notes how CSI’s relationship to the CUNY system creates issues. 

Of 18 CUNY campuses, CSI alone lacks subway and bridge connections. CSI also lacks the prominence of other CUNY campuses, like Baruch or Brooklyn College. Rogovin noted these issues connected to CSI’s lack of funding. 

According to the Fall 2019 Welcome Back Budget Statement, CSI has historically kept Academic Affairs afloat by sacrificing facilities and maintenance staffing. Nearly 70 critical positions were left unfilled to support 80 full time and 50 substitute lecturers. These positions were left unfilled in the hope that future tuition increases would cover the cost.

It didn’t.

“The resource challenges that you have appealed to me,” said Rogovin. “I want to manage the resources that you have, bring other resources to bear, and to organize in a way that moves the college forward.” 

CSI’s ongoing projects include soccer field reconstruction, the reuse of building 2M, the replacement of sidewalk concrete, renovating the media screening room, installing turf in all athletic fields, upgrading 1P’s outdated TV studio, 1M and Stair Tower Roof replacements, and the removal and replacement of chiller #4 with a new electromagnetic chiller. 

The ongoing DASNY contracted replacement of the concrete walkway between the Campus Center and building 2N. Credit: Isaiah J. Walton

While lack of resources are a challenge, resource management was also a struggle.

The VP must work with Cunyworks and DASNY concerning plans, designs, document production, cost estimations, oversight, negotiations and construction of campus renovations and maintenance.

 The relationship between these organizations and CSI is strained due to the ever-growing backlog of projects. Jorma Loci, project manager for the Office of Campus Planning, offered her concerns during the town hall.

“Many things that were supposed to start construction in September haven’t even begun being advertised,” said Jorma Loci, “And we’re well into February.” 

The cordoned off construction area of 2M. Ongoing renovation for new offices, collaborative spaces and graduate studies areas. Credit: Isaiah J. Walton

During his tour and meetings with CSI faculty and administration, Rogovin took a brief look at the state of the campus. There, Rogavin learned that most CSI equipment was near its end of life cycle. 

The Candidate plans to address CSI’s infrastructure and management issues in 4 ways. Stabilizing, reorganizing, measuring and enforcing. 

To stabilize, Rogovin suggested taking inventory off all the equipment and infrastructure. He then advised ranking projects by probability of failure and risk of failure. Once he’s stabilized assets and and measured risks, Rogovin would assign staff to cover each problem.

At CUNY Brooklyn College, Rogovin assessed who is under his employ and their specific capabilities. After, he decided if each person is best at designing, implementing, or managing projects with Cunyworks and/or DASNY.


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