Lizzie McGuire Revival Striked Down For Being Too Mature

Disney Plus Walking Back on Hopes of the Audience

By: Salvatore Cento

The reboot that never was. Credit:

When Disney Plus was originally announced, all sorts of announcements were made regarding what original TV shows and movies were coming for the newest and supposedly best streaming service.

Projects included an original Star Wars property called “The Mandalorian,” an original National Geographic property called “The World According To Jeff Goldblum,” a new take on High School Musical called “The Musical: The Series” and a still unnamed Obi-Wan Kenobi project.

Then there was the highly coveted Lizzie McGuire reboot. Announced in August 2019 at Disney’s D23 expo, this series was to follow the main character and her friends and family once more. But this time, Lizzie is in her 30’s and living in New York. According to the small synopsis provided by Duff, Lizzie would have the job of her dreams, the life of her dreams and everything would be perfect.

You might be asking yourself, what would be the story then? It won’t be entertaining watching a story unfold without any hiccups and I agree. But this story provided much more in the way of hiccups than anybody initially expected.

First, the creator and showrunner, Terri Minsky unexpectedly quits the revival. The reboot is on hold. Second and a short time later, Duff herself posts an Instagram story comparing her show’s downfall to the would-be TV iteration of “Love, Simon” stating that the not family friendly excuse “sounds familiar.”

Before I bring the main event to the table surrounding the demise of what would be a favorite childhood show, Duff herself said in a September 2019 Vulture interview that even though Lizzie McGuire would be doing just fine at the onset, an unexpected event would throw everything upside down and force her to move back to Los Angeles. Duff says “She’s forced out of New York. She’s like I can’t be here anymore.”

Fast forward to January 9th, 2020. Vulture is now reporting about the showrunner exiting,  the reason being is because after seeing two finished episodes, Disney concluded that they need to entirely restructure the show’s creative direction. The premise of the revival will be reworked.

Lastly, after the facts come the speculation. Please do take this part with a grain of salt.

 The most upvoted comment on a reddit thread (currently sitting with 2,700 upvotes) that talks about the hanging of the new Lizzie McGuire show sequel adds fuel to the fire for some and much needed clarity for others it seems. 

User “lampflies” proclaims to know someone who’s had a glance or two at the ongoing plot. The story entails that Lizzie’s life would be going great until she happens to come across her best friend’s earring in her bed. Considering Lizzie would have a fiance in the show, one that would not be Gordo, that’s a shame in itself, this would be the catalyst that forces her up and out from Brooklyn.

That’s not even the end. This sudden event would cause Lizzie to have quite the life crisis and evidently the shows twists into a one woman “Sex In The City” according to the same comment.

Even though I think we would all like to watch LIzzie McGuire become mature and grown up just like it’s main audience has, Disney has other plans. 

It seems that even though Disney now has its hands on a streaming service and thus opens doors to a more mature rating for the shows and movies it has up, chances are not being taken. I’m afraid of what this means for the other properties under the Disney umbrella.


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