The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Things We Can Do to Help Ourselves & Others Around Us

By: Sabrina Benet

The discussion of mental health is an ongoing and important conversation. Credit:

As children, sick days were only for a cold or a stomach virus- we were always taught that illness was physical, not so much mental. Mental health has been a rapidly growing topic in today’s society, causing people to be more outspoken about their issues and share their hardships with the world. 

 It’s never been a better time to talk about mental health. Mental health is the condition of both our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Our brain is one of the most important body parts, giving us a safe place for our thoughts to live and blossom into beautiful things that are sometimes the most deadly. 

However, mental health affects more than our brain alone; it also affects how we think, process, and feel emotions. Along with this, it affects our physical health more than we recognize.  

So you might be asking yourself, how can I practice self-care? Well, there are a lot of ways! A well-known way of taking care of your mental health is therapy. Therapy is consistently looked at in society as a last resort, a place that you go when you hit rock bottom. Most people within our society avoid therapists at all costs, due to money but also due to those taught and teaching there is a stigma around it.

Going to therapy comes with its stereotypes, people might view you as weak or crazy, to say the least. As a whole, we should focus on implementing more education and awareness for therapy, because letting people know you’re going to therapy itself is scary. Shedding light on people we know who go, it is important to continue supporting them and encouraging them to practice what is best for them and the head on their shoulders. 

Along with therapy, there are many other simple ways to practice and promote self-care to our peers. To begin, we need to make it more acceptable to come out and say something is wrong and promoting the importance of taking mental health days, both from school and work. 

Taking a mental health day is important to catch up and heal, give yourself time to process experiences you are going through. Being selfish in this case is preventive medicine, helping us heal our past, present, and future. Taking time off from daily responsibilities is crucial to healing yourself and presenting a more positive outlook to the world around you. 

In addition to therapy, there are also more accessible things to try if you are not looking into seeking professional help. Therapy can sometimes be costly due to little to no insurance coverage, thus leaving us with natural remedies. It is important to put life into perspective, you can help yourself by pinpointing what makes you happy, the good things in life. 

Considering it is sometimes very hard to find something positive in a sea of negativity, thinking of what makes you happy can take the strain off your head as time goes on. 

Things such as exercise or going for a walk both take your mind off negativity and also help improve your physical strength. While exercising, your body releases a stress-relieving and mood-boosting endorphins, this leaving exercise to be a top way of avoiding stress.

Taking care of yourself is crucial to living a happy and healthy life. Talk to a friend about your day, take a walk outside, eat your favorite food. Though life throws many challenges our way, it is important to focus and take advantage of the little things that can help you grow and improve your mental health as time goes on.


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  1. —- due to the stigma lingering around it.

    Your error is common:

    —- Due to those taught and teaching there is a stigma around it, please.

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