Biden, in Thursday’s Town Hall, Calls for the Reformation of Police Amid Racial Tension

Former Vice President Biden strongly suggests a new way of restructuring the police to ease budding racial conflict.

By: Erin Bellamy

Biden assures the black community he will tackle race issues as President. Photo Credit: ABC

Biden, in Thursday’s town hall on ABC, urged for cops and the black community to collaborate in hopes of diminishing racial tension when asked about police brutality.

Biden openly opposed the idea of defunding the police. Instead, he offered that the black community should work hand in hand with police as part of a national study group. Biden also proposed that psychologists and social workers work alongside the force for issues that more appropriately concerned mental health.

“You have to be put in a position where you’re able to identify the things that have to change,” said Joe Biden. “You have to bring them together.”Biden stated that he believed police are called for matters that they do not have the expertise to address, which could exacerbate the situation. His proposition stated a way to change the abrasive relationship between the black community and police by allowing professionals handle issues police are not prepared to.

“You have to teach people to deescalate certain circumstances,” Joe Biden said. “We have to provide within police departments, psychologists and social workers to go out with police during these calls.”Biden contended with the problem of systematic racism and declared that transparency and frequent inspections in the police department would disparage police brutality. With police under heavy scrutiny, Biden offered that his reforms, instead of budget cuts, would foster a more productive environment.

Biden suggested that by consulting with the black community and diverting mental health issues to professionals equipped to handle it, police brutality, and the racial tension that stems from it, could be prevented.“There has to be transparency available,” said Joe Biden. “We shouldn’t be defunding cops, we should be mandating the things that we should be doing within police departments.”

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