Trump, in Miami, Says Our ‘Economy is the greatest in the world,’ the results of the pandemic says otherwise.

During the unprecedented Town hall President Trump expressed his view of the United States economy, insisting that it’s doing fine and will only get better

By: Christopher Claxton

A snapshot of President Trump answering questions during the Town Hall in Miami Florida. Credit: NBC News


President Trump rejected the idea of a virtual presidential debate for October 15, 2020, following his coronavirus diagnosis and hospitalization, resulting in a split-screen America. People had to choose between watching an NBC Trump Town hall or Biden’s ABC Town hall at the same time instead of watching them go head to head all in one place. Both parties touched on many topics but Trump repeatedly referred to the economy. 

Appearing at his Town hall event In Miami, Florida, Mr. Trump faced scrutiny from a few independent registered voters, Democrats and even some Republicans, they hit him with questions ranging from health care to COVID-19, questions that weren’t akin somehow resulted in answers or paths to a conversation on our economy.  

We have the greatest economy we’ve ever had,” said President Trump. “Our economy will be phenomenal next year,” he added. 

Mr.Trumps view of the economy untethers the fact that “in September, the number of permanent job losers increased by 345,000 to 3.8 million; this measure has risen by 2.5 million since February,” according to the U. S. Department of Labor.  

He refused to mention the great loss of employment Americans face and only brought attention to the “new levels of jobs that nobody thought was possible,” Trump contended. “Next year is going to be better than ever before.” 

Trump took every chance to refer to his stewardship of our ever-changing economy even when it meant exacerbating the issue with false information. “We’ve created more jobs than this country has ever created,” Trump said. “We are up to 160 million jobs, we were never even close to that number.” 

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