Tiger Woods Reportedly Fine After Intense Car Crash

The golf legend has suffered leg injuries and is “lucky to be alive”

By: Emmanuel Mendez

tiger woods

The 45-year-old doesn’t remember driving after the accident. Credit:

On February 23rd, 2021, Tiger Woods was in a car crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The accident occurred early in the morning and when the news broke out, many sports fans around the world were concerned. 

It was a rollover car crash, and it could have killed Woods. He was alone in the car driving when this accident occurred and there is still no evidence of speeding or Woods being intoxicated.

In the past, Woods was involved with reckless driving in 2017. Woods was arrested in Florida for driving under the influence of drugs and was asleep in his car at the time of the arrest. 

Woods then pleaded guilty in late 2017, with a fine of $250. He wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol during his probation, and it was also to avoid another car incident.

This time, Woods seemed calm and conscious when authorities arrived at the scene. He was wearing a seatbelt and it was his car that took most of the damage. reports that Woods was driving at a “relatively greater speed than normal” according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. The first one to arrive at the scene was Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who shared it was very lucky to see Woods alive after the terrible collision.

While in the hospital, many people feared that Woods would be suffering from life-ending injuries but, that wasn’t the case. His legs were the most damaged and had no major injuries that could risk his life. 

The golf world was in shock and many prayed and hoped for the best for him as well as the rest of the sports world. Woods tweeted five days after the crash thanking everyone for their support in helping him go through this tough time.

He also informed the police that he doesn’t remember driving at all, and this incident is still considered an accident. There will be no charge against Woods yet until authorities continue the investigation behind the incident.

The injuries include fractures in each leg and he underwent emergency surgery. Woods also suffered a fractured ankle, and it is still unknown when he would be given the pass to play again. 

There is footage of Woods driving before the accident, and it looked like Woods wasn’t speeding nor was he going over the speed limit. The road where he was last driving by is known as being a dangerous road that has many cars going fast and prone to crash according to Sheriff Alex Villanueva. 

The roads were going downhill, so it curved. The golf legend rolled over many times according to the authorities. The front of Woods` car was destroyed completely but inside it wasn’t as bad which saved the golfer. 

Woods suffers an injury that could take a long period of recovery according to medical experts. In April, the Master tournament is set to happen and Woods was looking forward to competing, but it looks unlikely for him to attend. 

He recently recovered from back surgery in January and will have to continue more recovery. There is still no word of how long he will be injured and when he will be fully fit to compete again.

Woods` team posted a statement saying his procedures of the injury were successful and “he is now recovering and in good spirits.” It was a big scare for him and his golfing fans, but it is great to hear Tiger Woods recovering from this recent car crash.

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