12 Romantic Comedies (that are not overrated!)

If you don’t want to keep rewatching the same old, overhyped rom coms: these are for you.

By: Angelina Salvador

Underrated RomComs angelina salvador Start your summer off with some of the best tropes in a rom-com! From friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and the meet-cute or meet-awkward. The last couple of years there’s been a drought of romantic comedies, and a lot of them have been very teenage angst that just doesn’t do the genre justice. 

The comedy doesn’t seem to exist and the romance is stale with no chemistry. That’s why I’m here to shout out some undoubtedly underrated and enjoyable movies! 

Can I also mention how there’s way too many high school rom coms and not enough college or new to adulthood storylines? Even though there aren’t enough storylines that we deserve, here are some movies from the ’90s to the 2000s that were forgotten and really shouldn’t be (no particular order)!

I Like it Like That

I Like it Like That. Credit: Alchetron

  1. I Like it Like That (1994) Amazon Prime

In the South Bronx, Chino and Lissete Linares deal with marital issues, while struggling in poverty. Although it’s not the best romantic storyline, Lissete is forced to become a new, independent woman by getting a job as assistant to a record executive — and Chino goes to jail. 

  1. Notting Hill (1999) Amazon Prime

Notting Hill is a quiet place in London, where a bookshop owner William Thacker who is quite sad from having his wife leave him for another man, suddenly has his life thrown into some chaos as a famous American actress Anna Scott comes to the neighborhood to find some normality. Who knew they’d both find someone from opposite lifestyles and fall for each other… 

Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed Photo Credit: Grow Up

  1. Never Been Kissed (1999) Hulu

Journalist Josie Gellar has never had it easy. With quite the weird track record for her articles and in need of a juicy story, she ends up going undercover to her old High School posing as a teen, trying to uncover teenage culture. She was once the nerd and never got the guy, so now’s her second chance: she’s never been kissed, and she never expects to find the one (teacher….) to fall in love with. 

  1. Brown Sugar (2002) Hulu

Who doesn’t love friends to lovers? Long-time friends, Sidney and Dre, have always been invested in music. Specifically, the birth of Hip Hop in New York City inspires them to pursue careers because of it. All grown up, they deal with their jobs and reconnecting with each other by their true love of music and each other. 

Deliver Us From Eva

Deliver Us From Eva. Credit: Netflix

  1. Deliver Us From Eva (2003) Netflix

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, this modern story follows the character Ray being paid to date Eva, who is extremely involved with her sister’s romances that she doesn’t focus on her own. As Ray follows the plan, he doesn’t expect to romance her…but things don’t go as planned. 

  1. 50 First Dates (2004) Hulu 

Henry, a womanizer, sets eyes on a blonde woman, Lucy, in a diner in Hawaii. Quickly, he learns that she has a memory loss disorder, where she relives October 13th every day. Henry continues to introduce himself and every day he begins to love her while convincing her family his intentions are true. 

  1. Hitch (2005) Hulu

Alex is a New York City ‘date doctor’ who helps men get women. As he mentors Albert who fancies a celebrity, Allegra, the complications of Alexs’ romantic troubles occur when all of his date tips and techniques don’t work on a woman he’s falling for Sara. Both stories intertwine and cause a lot of trouble for everyone involved. 

  1. What Happens in Vegas (2008) Amazon Prime

A one-night stand leads to Joy and Jack getting married and winning the jackpot in Vegas. As they return and meet back in New York City, seeking a divorce, they learn that the money they won is in jeopardy if they go through with it. Being in love as a front, can pretending to be too much and lead them to love each other?


Adventure Land. Credit: Plugged In

  1. Adventureland (2009) Hulu

James Brennan is a recent High School graduate, ready for his vacation to Europe…until his parents can’t pay. In an 80’s amusement park with a bunch of low-life teens working there, James gets a job and befriends a bunch of guys, and Em who gives him mixed signals as he grows to like her.

  1. Going the Distance (2010) HBO NOW

A one-night stand is filled with an undeniable connection between Erin and Garrett. But the next morning, they can’t seem to unwrap themselves even though Erin is moving from New York to San Francisco to finish a degree. Deciding against society’s views on long-distance relationships, the two of them keep in touch and let their relationship grow.  

  1. The Long Shot (2019) Amazon Prime 

In a fresh new plot (surprisingly), journalist Fred is hired by politician Charlotte who happens to be his old babysitter and childhood crush from back in the day. Despite all the refusals from her advisers, she has him join her team as her speechwriter. Through ups and downs, the two are swooning for each other in a hilarious and heartfelt way. 

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe. Credit: The New York Times

  1. Always Be My Maybe (2019) Netflix

Best Friends to Lovers anyone? Best friends reconnect after years pass after a fight, and as they come back in touch things get complicated. Sasha and Marcus start spending time together, immediately the chemistry is off the charts and going off within their hearts.

The best romantic comedies are the ones that are not overhyped and ones you can’t find constantly on the same old articles about the best or top romcoms ever. And, I guess you can say the late ’90s and early 2000s had a handful of some of the cutest, funniest, and loveable movies. 

As summer approaches, it’s time to go through this list and fall in love with the stories and characters!

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