War in Ukraine

Updates On The Ukrainian Crisis

By: Kylie Hapuarachchi

CNN | Russian missiles bomb the city of Kharkiv.

The continuous siege of the country has seemingly made its way to another city yet again. In the more recent days the city of Kharkiv has been the target that Russia has focused on. 

With this they have bombed Kharkiv’s town sqaure and an opera house. The Ukrainian President, Volodymir Zelensky, has claimed that Russia has used force to ruin the freedom that his people once had. 

With that, he also mentions how Russian forces continue to target places where there are civilians rather than where there are any military targets.

Freedom Square was hit as well as the surrounding opera house, a concert hall, and a few of the government buildings. 

The city of Kharkiv remains to be constantly bombed. The worst is that Russia has managed to attack hospitals. 

According to the World Health Organization, there have been 67 hospitals bombed during the time from the start of the war to present day. 

This now falls in line with the war crimes that are present with the actions of President Putin. However, in order to convict Putin and his advisors at the Kremlin there would need to be evidence that the attacks on the hospitals were not accidental or due to collateral damage.

Although it may seem that the blatant attacks on the hospitals were on purpose there is no actual proof in order to convict them with war crimes. 

According to Associated Press (AP News), the journalists who have been working overseas in Ukraine have exclaimed about the slaughter they have seen in the past few days. 

Children have been ripped apart from the shrapnel and the giant mass graves that have come about overnight with the heaps of bodies every single day. 

The US has now opened up their borders to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and promises to provide Ukraine with an additional $1 billion in food, water, medicine and supplies.

There have also been the US veterans that have decided to go overseas and fight the war even though they have been warned to not risk their lives.

United States Marine Veteran Hector stated that he thought that going to help Ukraine was the only thing that should be done when it comes to saving and protecting the innocent people. 

He understands what the US is trying to do by staying away from the actual frontlines of the war. However, the former marine believes that Ukraine and its people do not need a set of sanctions to protect them.

They need actual protection and actual saving that will help them in the present time. Hector is one of the many US veterans that have decided to go forward to help Ukraine in their trying times.

This was right after President Zelensky who announced that he would create an “international league” that consists of volunteers from all over willing to help in the fight against Russia. 

The international league is a way to give Ukraine a chance to fight back, they have already done a lot for themselves as men and women have put up guns and trained for this unnecessary war.

President Putin manages to make the claims of why his reasonings for these attacks should  be justifiable, even when his reasons were all made on the false pretense that the Ukrainian government is made up of ‘neo-nazi’s’. 

In reality, it is Putin himself that is endangering more lives including the lives of his own people. 

As for Ukraine’s future that remains uncertain, there is a strange feeling of what might happen. Ukraine’s minister of foreign affairs, Dmytro Kuleba stated, “ ‘Together we defeated Hitler, and we will defeat Putin, too’. ”

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